LLC “Smart Technology Service” offers you to attend the courses “1C: Enterprise 8. Accounting for Kazakhstan”. Practical application of a typical configuration »

The course is intended for users who plan to keep a record in the new solution “1C: Accounting 8 for Kazakhstan” and aims to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of a typical solution and gaining user skills in it. The course is recommended to users already familiar with the basics of accounting and tax accounting.

Learning objective: Mastering the user configuration mode “Accounting for Kazakhstan” (version 2.0), testing the skills of implementing custom tasks with the standard tools of the program.

As a result of the training, the student will be able to:

• confidently own the tools of the applied solution “1C: Accounting 8 for Kazakhstan”: from work with documents to the preparation of regulated reporting;

• monitor the status of reports;

• Correctly correct errors in accounting and tax accounting.

In the course of the course, the topics needed to pass the “1C: Professional” qualification exam will be considered. After the course, we recommend you try to get a certificate of “1C: Professional” (a number of the CSC conduct exams immediately after the courses).

Duration: 40 academic hours.

Course outline:

• The main functionality of the configuration «Accounting for Kazakhstan»

o Configuration Assignment

• Basics of working with the configuration

o Basic mechanisms of the configuration

o Working with directories

o Working with document and journal documents

o General principles of working with forms

o Working with reports

o Administration

• Practical application configuration

o Statement of the problem

o General Accounting Parameters

o Accounting for bank and cash transactions

o Inventory accounting

o Accounting for mutual settlements with counterparties

o Fixed assets accounting

o Accounting for intangible assets

o Parameters of accrual of depreciation of OS and NMA

o Regulatory operations for accounting of OS and NMA

o Calculation of land tax

o Transport tax calculation

o Calculation of property tax

o Fiscal accounting of fixed assets

o Personnel accounting and accounting of employees’ salaries

o Accounting for production

o Accounting for VAT

o Profit tax accounting

o Routine operations

o Reporting

o Universal reports

o Regulatory reports

o Effective configuration management

• Conclusion

Each listener who passed this certified course of the CLC receives a certificate of the firm “1C”.

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