LLC “Smart Technology Service” invites you to attend courses Professional work in the program “1С: Document flow 8

1C: Document flow – a universal system for the automation of workflow, process accounting and collaboration. The program provides for 13 large function blocks and more than 1000 interfaces.

On the course listeners:

• Learn all the application’s application features;

• Learn how to effectively use them in daily work;

• Learn the techniques of quick work.


· Show the functionality of the application solution for commercial enterprises;

· To teach effective application of the program’s capabilities in daily work;

· To teach methods of quick work with “1C: Document Management”;

· To systematize knowledge about the basic normative legal acts regulating document circulation in the organization;

· Give an overview of the configuration and administration of the program.

The listeners will perform an end-to-end example of teamwork of employees and managers using the mechanisms and functions of the 1C: Document Management program. When performing tasks as part of the cross-cutting example, the features of the effective application of the functionality of the program are considered.

Duration: 16 academic hours


1. A cross-cutting example of teamwork in a software product

• The Legend

• The end-to-end example tasks

• Actors of the cross-cutting example

2. Processing of incoming documents

• Incoming document card

• Using the built-in mail client

• Adding attachments to messages

• Creation of a new correspondent card

• Numbering

• Registration of an incoming document

• Automatic insertion of a barcode

• Manual insertion of a barcode

• Save a barcode to a file

• Adding an external barcode

• Automatic change of barcode when copying a document card

• Barcode printing

• Search by barcode

• Scanning documents

• Image recognition

• Typical processes available in the program: Examination, Execution, Reconciliation, Approval, Registration, Acquisition, Instruction

• Resolutions in documents

• Forwarding incoming documents

3. Event management

• List of participants

• Program of the event

• Protocol of the event

• Operations of the event

• Booking of meeting rooms

• Activity reports

4. Project Accounting

• Project Card

• Project plan

• Execution of project tasks

• Accounting of labor costs

• Project reports

5. Contract management

• The life cycle of the contract

• Creating a draft contract from a template

• Harmonization, approval, execution of the contract

• Renewal, termination of the contract

6. Support of paper workflow

• Nomenclature of cases

• Cases, volumes

• Transfer of files to the archive

• Destruction of cases

• Transmission Journal

• Control of documents transmitted

7. Working with internal documents

• Internal documents

• Availability of internal document fields depending on the status

• Internal document folders, creating a hierarchy of internal documents

• Templates of internal documents

• Printing and inserting a registration stamp

• Sets of documents

• Automatic completion of participants in the working group of the document

• Access rights to folders of internal documents

8. The Forum is a collective platform for discussion

• Forum Topics

• List of topics and messages

• Notification of replies to the forum

9. Work with the calendar, work time accounting

• Calendar view, setting

• Recording of the calendar, recording on the basis of the subject

• Reminder, repetition of events

• Printing a calendar

• Employee Daily Report

• Timing and reflection of the completion of work on tasks

• The “Time Spent” report

10. Working with outgoing documents

• Outgoing Documents

• Chating history

• Templates of outgoing documents

11. Links between documents

• Types of links

• Setting up and establishing links

• Structure link report

• Numbering on the linked document

12. Processing of citizens’ appeals

• Features of registration of citizens’ appeals

• Analysis of work with Citizens’ Appeals

13. Categorization of data

• Activation of the accounting mechanism by categories of categories

• Display and customize categories

• Setting Categories

• Rules for automatic categorization of data

14. Processes and tasks

• Working with processes

• Hierarchy of business processes of document circulation

• Use of time in the time frames of business processes of document circulation

• Personal and role addressing of tasks

• Notification of performers by e-mail

• Acceptance of tasks for execution

• System of tasks. Controlling the execution of tasks

• Task redirection

• Stopping or interrupting business workflow processes

• Periodical business processes of document circulation

• Templates of business processes of document circulation

• Conditions for routing business processes of workflow

• Additional requisites of processes and tasks

• Solving the problems of accomplishing tasks

• Transfer of deadlines for tasks execution

• Access rights to business processes and tasks

15. Working with reports

• Generating reports

• Configure reports

• Distribution of reports

16. Search for documents and files

• Quick search

• Search

• Saving a search pattern

• Full-text search of information

17. Accounting for staff absences

• Create an absence record

• Informing of absence

18. Mobile 1C: Document Management

• Customize

• Use on iOS and Android

19. Opportunities for sharing the 1C program: Document flow and other typical 1C configurations. Features overview

20. Overview of the installation and configuration of the software product

• Work 1C: Workflow 8 through the browser and thin client

• Setting up and working in the “Taxi” interface

• How to initialize the software product

• Configuring the NSI

• Accounting by organization

• Types of documents

• Numbering

• Practical work: To study the functionality of the “Taxi” interface

Each listener who has passed this certified course of the CSO receives a certificate of the firm “1C”.

Classes will be held according to the complete set of the group at the address: Astana, Konaeva str., 12/2, VP 27, LCD “Water – blue boulevard”

Be professionals of your business! Make a note by phone – 87172 78 54 50, 8 701 770 78 98 or leave an application on the site and we are obligatory to you

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