Setup and installation of the software

Installing and configuring the software – one of the services provided by our company. If you need to install the software, but you do not know where to get it or how to install, our experts will help you. We will help you to choose for specific tasks the software, install it on your computer and have configured for maximum ease of use. Our experts are ready to help you.

Proper selection of software – a complex process requiring accounting and business objectives, and performance of existing equipment . Often, however, this problem is not very difficult. After the software you need to install and configure.

Here are some of the problems faced by the company in the implementation of the new software:

Lack of specialist for a particular product.

Keep the state specialist with professional knowledge and skills in diverse software products costly and impractical because such expertise will be needed rarely, and a multi- specialist is expensive. Much cheaper and more sensible to order the service to deploy software from the vendor. This will not only save time and money, but also ensures that the work will be done by a professional who knows all the nuances.

Failure to obtain the necessary instructions.

Some developers of complex software products, such as industrial design, do not provide any instructions or technical support in Russian. Understand all the intricacies of their own at times appears almost impossible. In this situation, reasonable way is to contact the software vendor, which, firstly, has relevant experience, and secondly, has more options for obtaining information from distributors or the manufacturer.

Unjustified waste of time and money.

Sometimes IT- specialists in companies tend to perform work on the implementation of the new software themselves , it’s a good experience and interesting problem. However, to guarantee the result in case of lack of expertise difficult. As a result, a situation may arise when the time has already been spent, but the system still does not work as it should. At this point, usually a decision to turn to professionals. Of course, the problem with the new software will eventually be resolved, but wasted time can not be compensated. Cost-effective and reasonably unfamiliar with the acquisition of new software products immediately order the installation and configuration of forces provider.

A large number of users.

In large companies, as a rule, the IT department is constantly loaded ongoing work to support infrastructure. Highlight the need for a specialist who will install the program on a large number of computers, knocks workflow. In the end, it’s just not practical. Therefore, many companies use the services of third-party provider or performers. This reduces labor costs, direct resources to higher-priority tasks and get a quality guarantee from the contractor.

Company specialists «Smart technology service» have extensive experience with various software products and undergo regular technical training.

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