Certified Training Centers

Certified Training Centers (CSOs) provide affordable and high-quality training on products of the 1C: Enterprise 8 program system.

During the years of its existence, the Center has trained hundreds of thousands of people in various regions of Russia and the CIS.

The CSO project is of particular importance for specialists living in the regions, as it provides an opportunity to complete a training course developed by 1C company with teachers certified by 1C company without a trip to Moscow.

Certain training courses were prepared for the CSO project, which are necessary for studying the “1C: Enterprise 8” platform or application solutions both from scratch and for studying individual topics that cause the greatest difficulty. All courses were developed by teachers – methodologists of 1C-Training Centers, who have extensive experience in the implementation of “1C: Enterprise” software products, and are authorized directly by specialists of the 1C development department. The CSO receives from the 1C company a complete and ready-made set of materials for conducting training, which fully complies with the methodology that was laid out when designing the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform and applied solutions while certified courses are maintained and updated by 1C as soon as they are released. new editions of software products.

Teachers who read courses in regional TSS receive training for each course and pass the exam for the right to teach it. Each teacher of CSO has a personal certificate of a teacher of CSO for each course, which has the right to conduct. This approach ensures that the teacher’s qualification level of any regional CSO meets the requirements of 1C.

The courses of the center are intended for the following categories of students:

IT specialists of enterprises
Practical implementers of franchisees
Accountants, managers, managers
Students of universities and specialized secondary schools
All CSOs conduct training courses according to their own schedule using unified certified methods and materials.
Upon completion of training, each student receives a certificate from the company “1C” on the course.

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