The uniqueness of services (products ) of «Smart technology service» is to apply not only traditional , but new technologies in the field of IT. Quality products and services are high , there is accumulated circle of clients . Among the company’s customers could be set aside small and medium-sized businesses , as well as the corporate sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

An important trend in the company’s share of services provided on the basis of ” franchising ” – 1C Enterprise .

Services Company «Smart technology service» positioned as in the domestic IT- market of Kazakhstan , as well as in the markets near ( Russia , Belarus. Has prospects to position services in foreign countries (Asian countries , in particular in Central and Southeast Asia ) . access to foreign markets is defined strategic plan of the company «Smarttechnologyservice» the long term.

One of our services is the development, modification , testing and providing technical support and software support . At the moment it is a real necessity for even the small companies and individual entrepreneurs. One of the features is the development of programs to meet the needs of users and customers.

We also offer assistance in the preparation of technical specifications , the purchase of computer and peripheral equipment and other sophisticated techniques associated with information technology .

Well aware that difficult to acquire expensive equipment is needed with a consultant , a professional in this field , of course, if the buyer himself is not. Otherwise , even taking into account the “objective” risk seller incompetent buyer purchase ” bad ” goods. Our company will help solve these problems for the best price .

Internet search a specific thematic information (info-broking).

This service involves obtaining information from the Internet- that is located at a certain address , which provides the client.

A more complex version of this service – find information on specific topics . For example: books, articles , software, and other things .

Other services provided by our company , you can view on our website in the corresponding menu items.



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