1C Enterprise

Our company provides a full range of automation of the accounting and management accounting in enterprises on 1C, electronic reporting, tax accounting applications, the list of services includes:

  • Installation of 1C Enterprises
  • Update programs, versions and releases 1C Enterprises
  • Setting 1C Enterprise client demand
  • Information technology support 1C
  • Implementation of 1C and the creation of ready-made solutions for running applications 1C
  • Creating web applications and solutions using 1C
  • Selection and maintenance of computer equipment
  • Selection of components licensed software

Installation of 1C Enterprises

Our experts will help you choose the program that will meet the maximum requirements of the business . They quickly and efficiently install the software on jobs, hold setting 1C and training employees.

Update programs, versions , releases 1C Enterprises

1C is constantly developing functionality configurations. In addition, legislation is constantly changing requirements for accounting and tax accounting, reporting to the regulated . To make changes in the program need to be updated 1C .

Setting 1C

Each company has its own specific accounting and it can not be ignored when implementing programs 1C . We set up the accounting program so that it is consistent with business needs. Our experts are ready to add a printed form , set permissions , develop additional reports , create additional documents

Information technology support 1C

Our experts have extensive experience tracking configurations based on the platform of “1C : Enterprise 8” . They are ready to help in solving almost any issues associated with their use . To work with us , we offer the conclusion of subscriber contracts.


Due to its composition 1C certified professionals , our company has the possibility of implementing complex projects as typical configurations , and with the development of additional functionality .

Creating web applications

Development and implementation of automated systems can effectively solve any problems enterprises.

Selection and maintenance of computer equipment

Our experts provide services for the selection of computer equipment in full. Today’s range of computer hardware is very diverse and allows you to find a tailored solution for each company based on the financial component and technical requirements caused by the specifics of its activities.

Selection of components licensed software

Our experts provide services in the selection of licensed software in the enterprise. Self- installation of software often leads to many crashes and all sorts of errors in their work.

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