IT Consulting

IT Consulting – an activity related to information support business processes, allowing to peer review the effectiveness of information technology.

In other words, IT Consulting – a service that will allow you to optimize your business by modernizing its IT infrastructure and reduce the cost of it. It aims to identify IT consulting and clearly indicate the most “weak” or “narrow” places IT infrastructure based on IT expertise, to develop recommendations to bring it into compliance with current business needs. IT consultants will help you choose exactly the hardware and software solutions that help speed the flow of certain business processes , thereby saving you time and money .

Why IT-consulting services ?

When creating a new company, its creators believe in the success of their business and the high dynamics of development. Almost immediately begins construction of the ambitious plans for the development of business, the organization of the branch network , capture new markets. Properly designed, configured and supported IT infrastructure to help implement these plans!

As part of IT consulting, we also provide you with the corporate strategy of the development of IT infrastructure that will help your business to carry out plans for the development and expansion. In the course of our consulting experts will analyze all the aspects of your company’s plans for its development , as well as the current state of IT infrastructure. Conducting IT consulting and planning IT infrastructure will help reduce the costs of dealing with IT- tasks, reduce the cost and timing of introduction of new IT solutions that ensure business is always appropriate to his needs information infrastructure, thereby accelerating its growth. IT consultants can help you plan a budget for IT, assess or predict the results of the implementation of a decision, will help to clearly define the scope of a project .

However, IT consulting g is not limited to the development of strategy development IT, it also helps to optimize the cost of implementation of various IT solutions and products, improve business processes, handling, as well as transparency of the organization.

This class includes:

  • Analysis of the current situation, identify problem areas , selection and analysis of the available tools , adaptation and development of technical, technological solutions recommendations.
  • Consulting services on the use of software solutions, products as well as server, network and computer equipment.
  • Writing in different fields of technical specifications , technical specifications, technical specifications, feasibility studies (FS ), techno – work projects and other documentation on the use, implementation of information and communication technologies.
  • Information, technical audit of ICT infrastructure businesses and individuals .
  • Planning and development of ICT infrastructure, including physical environment, server solutions, workstations, information systems, related services and information security.

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