Writing software of any complexity

Software development is another activity of «Smart technology service». We offer professional services for the development and find the optimal solution for any client of any complexity. Range of ongoing programs and our company is quite extensive applications from mobile and web applications to service – oriented services for the PC.

Today, many business leaders decide to automate their businesses . The most difficult decision is the choice : to buy ready-made software , or develop it customized .

Despite the fact that at the moment the market has a huge number of both domestic and foreign companies offering ready-made software for the automation of business processes, the implementation of such decisions are often associated with a large number of problems:

  • The software has a complex interface
  • The high price of the finished solution
  • Inadequate coverage of business processes
  • The software does not take into account the specifics of the enterprise
  • For implementation and configuration software ( sometimes even minor ) must be called professionals
  • Lack of support or support only by phone / email
  • Software uncomfortable at work, ie have to adjust the whole organization to the capabilities of the software
  • Lack of ability ( or great difficulty ) any changes in the software

Purchase of ready-made solutions do not always lead to the desired result and often exceeds the limit of the planned funds for automation.

There are two main ways in the development of individual software

  • Create your own IT-department and the project from beginning to end with your own specialists
  • Conclusion of an agreement with a third party for the development of IT- company

When the decision to create software using in-house expertise is completely solved the problem with implementation and support , but there are a number of other issues and risks :

  • The need to create a separate entity
  • Insufficient level of professionalism
  • The need for additional training
  • Risks associated with improper planning software architecture or its implementation , resulting in the inability to implement can be any function , as well as further software upgrades
  • The human factor.

Most productive solution is to sign the contract for software development with IT- company of sufficient specialist staff , as well as the necessary experience in implementing major IT- projects.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Professional approach in assessing and stages of work
  • Development and coordination of all necessary technical documentation
  • Software development with all the requirements and specifics of the company
  • Shortest time of project implementation
  • Reasonable cost of the software
  • Permanent and operational support
  • The possibility of further enhancement .

Company «Smart technology service», has extensive experience in major projects and a staff of qualified professionals.

We offer software development of any complexity, satisfying your needs. Our company is a serious approach to any project .

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