Maintenance and management of computer park

One of the key success factors of the company is the reliability of its computer park. Malfunction of personal computers, photocopiers, printers and other office equipment leads to a simple to use and lost profits. Signing the contract for servicing of computers , computer hardware and computer networks, you get:

  • Industrial approach to servicing your company + weekly guaranteed departure specialist in your company to monitor the work of the computer park, computer configuration, you install the necessary software troubleshooting. During planned out checks all computers in your organization. All trips are documented.
  • Saving time – Regular monitoring and permanent service park your company computer will prevent serious malfunctions and to avoid the consequences of forced downtime caused by breakdowns.
  • Saving money – Transfer of the computer park of our company, will replace the full system administrators, the contents of which often can not afford even large enterprises.
  • Confidence – that your computer park of all in order.

System administration includes:

  • Technical supervision of the operation adopted by the maintenance of equipment and basic software.
  • Execution of works on troubleshooting, the organization of the repair process, installing licensed software on equipment that is returned after repair.
  • Troubleshooting received equipment maintenance on call “Customer” ( tuning software, special localization and removal of viruses, the problems with hardware failure) .
  • Implementation of preventive maintenance service received equipment and basic software (anti-virus programs, setting the current critical updates, diagnostics for the presence of computer technology resource management, cleaning dust system blocks). Implementation of planned preventive maintenance can be less qualified personnel. In identifying problems requiring higher qualifications, the next check-out is more qualified, or (for example, of great urgency) performed an unscheduled departure ( MOT high level).
  • Advice to “Customer” in the operation of the service received on equipment and basic software on site or by telephone.
  • Recommendations regarding the selection and acquisition of hardware and software.

Reducing costs – it is also a significant competitive advantage to significantly reduce costs and enter the market with the most attractive prices !

Our company is justly proud of the high quality of customer service, optimal tariffs and the confidence of our partners. We will be glad to see you among our customers and become your IT- team!

Additional interest in information, you can get by calling or by visiting our office.